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Many people do not realize they are not being paid wages that are owed to them.  In fact, it is likely that many thousands of workers in New York and from around the country are not being paid overtime or other wages they already earned. Your employer may be holding back money for extra time you put in at work, tips or other wages, but you may feel too intimated to demand the wages you are owed. In many cases, people who are owed overtime wages want to fight for their rights at work, but are afraid of being reprimanded or fired. You may have already asked for fair wages but your employer has given you an excuse as to why you did not technically earn overtime, even though you know very well you did. Do not be bullied by your employer. You deserve to be paid fairly for the work you have done, and now is the time to be compensated for your work.

Both state and Federal laws set standards for what most workers must be paid and make it illegal for an employer to punish an employee who demands his rights.  In fact, companies are subject to both criminal and civil penalties for trying to do so.  The law protects workers from being retaliated against by their employers, but a fair wage attorney can ensure you get paid for all the hours you put in at work. A fair wage attorney can walk you through the process of how to get full compensation from your employer, and answer questions you may have.

As with many government agencies, the Department of Labor can be hamstrung by red tape and understaffing.  To get immediate answers regarding your wage dispute, overtime wage, overtime laws, or the Fair Labor Standards Act, you may wish to call a fair wage lawyer, who will investigate your case and respond with answers and results.

A fair wage attorney wants to see you receive your fair wages. If you feel you are owed money, or if it seems like your paycheck does not reflect the hours you put in, then you need to speak with a fair wage lawyer. Do not wait to make a claim because you may miss important deadlines to file.

Many different kinds of workers find themselves in difficult and complex wage dispute situations. Even large corporations have been found guilty of not paying their workers fairly, and individuals may feel powerless to protect their rights. However, the law is on your side, because most workers are protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

For example, it is almost never a permissible practice for your employer to offer you “comp time” instead of unless you are working for the government.  (See our FAQs page for more.)

Sometimes, employers inaccurately calculate overtime wages, which is supposed to be 1.5 times your regular hourly wages.  Employers are also known to misclassify their employees as exempt, when they do not truly meet all qualifications for exemption.

You can recover unpaid overtime wages for the work you did up to three years prior to filing your claim, and sometimes as much as six years of unpaid wages in New York. To meet these deadlines and improve your chance of recovering the maximum amount of your unpaid wages, you should work with an experienced wage dispute attorney.

Remember it is illegal for an employer to punish an employee who complains about  fair wages, and companies can face both criminal and civil punishments for trying to do so.  Do not wait to make a claim because you may miss important deadlines to file.

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